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K6 3D 300 MHz ES  (Week 14, Year 1998)   
AMD-K6 3D/300AFR - 2.2V CORE/3.3V I/O - A 9814FPAW - 1998 AMD - Engineering Sample

The first code name of the next-gen K6 was first planned to be "K6 3D" because they included 3DNow! Instructions set. Then, AMD renammed and launched them as "K6-2". This engineering sample is one of the first engineering sample of the K6-2 and had the "K6 3D" marking on front. Clocked at 300 MHz it used a 100 MHz bus and a 3.0x multiplier. This sample was produced in April 1997 and the first K6-2 300 MHz was launched on May, 28th 1998.