X86-Secret : ES Zone
Hammer 1.2 Ghz ES  (Week 19, Year 2002)   
AM81011A3* - D219G10 RFB2266 - Engineering Sample - F714

After the very first samples produced in late 2001 and clocked at 800 Mhz, AMD was sampling a new stepping of the ClawHammer, clocked at 1.2 Ghz. Released to partners in June, they were produced in May 2002. The L2 Cache was only 256 KB, like the first 800 Mhz ES, and instead 1 MB for the final CPU. This particular sample required a specific motherboard to work and don't work with a final Athlon 64 motherboard like the Asus K8V. It supports the DDR333 far better than the first samples. They were produced more than one year before the official launch of the Athlon 64.