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A80C286-12 ES  (Week 04, Year 1988)   
A80C286-12 - ES - I804202S - (m)(c)INTEL '87

Introduced in 1982, the original iAPX286 architecture evolved until the 90s. First clocked at 8 and 10 MHz, then 4 and 6 MHz, Intel finally released a higher frequency after the launch of their successor (the 80386). This 12 MHz part is build using the CHMOS III 1.5┬Ám process, the same that was used for the first 80386 chips. Earlier 12 MHz 286s (marked A80286-12 without "C") were built with the older NMOS process. Power consumption dropped dramatically with this new process : from 3.15W for the A80286-12 to 1.1W for the A80C286-16! This Engineering Sample was built in January 1998 and uses the 68 pin PGA package.