X86-Secret : ES Zone
Celeron III 400 MHz ES  (Week 26, Year 1998)   
INTEL CONFIDENTIAL - 80524PY400512 Q567 - O82632SUA0-0144 A4

This particular engineering sample is one of the hardest CPU to identify in this collection. First, it comes in a classic P-II cartridge. When booting, BIOS recognized the sample as a "Pentium III". The CPUID of this CPU is 0x670, which means that this is a P-III CPU with an early Katmai core. However, markings begin with "80524" which stands for all the P-II Celeron line. More, this samples comes with 0 KB of L2 Cache, even with the right motherboard and use by default a 6 x 66 MHz clock scheme. This sample seems to be a never-produced Celeron based on the Katmai core (firsts P-III Celeron were based on the Coppermine core)