X86-Secret : ES Zone
Pentium II 500 MHz ES  (Week 44, Year 1998)   
INTEL CONFIDENTIAL / 80525PY500512 Q814 / 48449483-0078 A4

The famous "Pentium II 500" is not really a Pentium II. This engineering sample is marked "80525", which mean it's a Pentium III. All deschutes Pentium II are marked "80523". So, this sample is no more than a late sample of the Pentium III 500 in an old SECC-I cartridge. Two weeks later, all engineering sample of the Katmai used a Pentium II SECC-II cartridge (see P3 500 ES). This sample was produced in october 1998 while the first Katmai ES (P-III 400) came out of the factory in early 1998. The Pentium III was launched in 1999.