X86-Secret : ES Zone
Pentium III 1000 MHz ES  (Week 29, Year 2000)   
Intel Confidential QY02ES - O029P087-0485 COSTA RICA - 80526PZ1000256

This enginnering sample of the Pentium III 1 Ghz S.E.C.C 2 isn't an early sample of this CPU. This part was intended to validate the second stepping of the Coppermine core, the cC0 stepping. Formerly announced in March 2000 in the first stepping (cB0), this second stepping was introducted with a Product Change Notification (PCN) in late November 2000. This sample was produced on mid-July 2000 and it come with the standard Coppermine core (256 KB of FS L2 Cache), clocked at 7.5 x 133 = 1 Ghz