X86-Secret : ES Zone
Pentium 4 800 Mhz ES  (Week 14, Year 2000)   
INTEL CONFIDENTIAL - QT69ES A4 - C014L001-0050 - 80528PC1.XG0K

One of the earliest sample of the Pentium 4, based on the A2 Stepping. Clocked at a boot frequency of 800 Mhz (8x100), this CPU is labelled "1.X Ghz" because Intel wasn't able to know exactly the maximum frequency it can reach. Based on the Willamette core, it features 256 Ko of L2 cache and SSE2 instructions. This sample was produced on March 2000. The Pentium 4 was officially launched on November 2000 at a rated frequency of 1.4 and 1.5 Ghz, eight months later. The heatspreader of this early engineering sample was located at top-left of the PCB and is much bigger than the ones on the commercials Pentium 4 processors.