X86-Secret : ES Zone
Itanium 533 2M ES  (Week 39, Year 1999)   
80541KZ5322M Q636 ES / I939211U-0013 A04 / i'99 532/133

A very rare sample of the Intel Merced (Itanium), the first IA64 CPU from Intel. This very early engineering sample is clocked at 532 Mhz (should be 533 (133*4)), features a front side bus clocked at 133 Mhz and 2 MB of L3 cache. Produced in September 1999, the Itanium 533 was the first sample with an L3 cache to go out of the intel's labs. Intel announced the Itanium Family at clock speed of 733 and 800 Mhz in mid-2001, more than two years after the first engineering samples like this CPU. We opened the CPU to let you see the impressive die size.