X86-Secret : ES Zone
Itanium 667 2M QS  (Week 30, Year 2000)   
80541KZ6672M QU80 QS - 4030M012-0045 A4 - i'00 667/133

In competition for the "most delayed chip" award with the AMD K8, the Intel Merced (codename for Itanium) was in development since 1994 and first planned to be released in 1997. Finaly, first Itanium were announced in july 2001. They were clocked at 733 and 800 Mhz and they features an L3 cache size of 2MB or 4MB. This particular sample is clocked at 667 Mhz and features a 2 MB L2 cache. This clock speed were never released. The sample was produced in July 2000, one year before the launch