X86-Secret : ES Zone
Rise Technology is aiming for the ultra-low end of the x86 market. Their processors are rated at higher "PR" ratings than their actual chip clock speed, much like some of Cyrix's processors. The mP6-166 is aimed at set-top boxes and terminals. The faster versions will be used in low-cost laptops and desktops. The mP6 is a very low-power chip. It processes up to three MMX instructions per clock cycle. This could speed up software DVD.

On the down side, initial reports claim that the mP6-266 is slower than AMD's K6-2 in integer and floating point, and doesn't support any sort of 3D instructions. It appears that the mP6-266, should really be called the mP6-200, or even the mP6-166 to properly reflect its performance.